Recreation of game car, and dimensions

I am sort of in the process of modeling a car in NURBS, and I am recreating the car to fit to more realistic styling. Here's the problem, the game car has a dimension of 1-Height,2-Width, and ~4 Length, and real cars usually have dimensions of 1-Height, ~1.2-Width, and ~4 in length. When I experimented in Autodesk Maya on that issue, how am I suppose to scale the recreated car without compromising it looks? I also use Autodesk Automotive. The car in question is the El Nino from Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 1.

My only guess to scaling that without compromising it looks is to split the basic car (As in base body without the fancy stuff like tailight, headlight, doorlines..) into 3 major sections that makes up the entire body frame, and move end sections to fit the ratios of real car better, and then figure out what to do from there.

Some details of the car, it's a one-seated supercar which can only fit a person inside with a few things around inside.

Edit: Oh great, I just realized that I probably have to redo the entire car, and make a sketch using a blueprint of a very similar car to fit the dimensions and details from my current models, then 3D model from there. The Shelby Cobra will be my planned base for this project.
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