RedStar's Dodge Charger Video Tutorial

As most of you know, I am selling the Dodge Charger Video Tutorial. I have made my sales and now I want to give back a little to the community since I am mostly always busy with client work and have no way of keeping my name out on the 3D forums and making sure I am not forgotten.

So here is a Xmas gift to all of you...

Setting Up Blueprints:


Modeling Hood:


Modeling Fender:


Modeling Front Bumper:


Adding Front Bumper Details:


Modeling Doors:


Tweaking The Headlights:


Modeling Roof & Fender:


Modeling Trunk:


Modeling Taillights:


Modeling Rear Bumper:


Modeling Windows:


Modeling Side-Mirrors:


Modeling Side-Skirt:


Modeling Behind The Wheels:


Emblems & Windshield Wipers:




If you want the high-res DVD version you can still buy it from my website for $50 plus S/H.​


Man, redstar, thats just awesome. I know soo many people that waited for sth. like that. Thank you for posting those vids here on smc. :)


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its always interesting to see other peoples ways of working, and these tutorials will be fantastic to watch, thank you for submitting them!
Thanks to all of you who are taking that 1 min out of your day and saying thanks. Makes me feel like my work is not going unnoticed. :) I do hope to see a lot of you guys improving here shortly though!


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Very Nice of u to share this whit us RedStar :) TANKS

but i need to say what i don't like :p I just can't see the damn thing u do,and that's the only bad thing about this videos, but i understand what u are doing because u are telling the single step, and of course u still want to earn some cash on this tutorials so i understand the low res videos ;)

P.S.: don't get me wrong This is VERY NICE that u shared it for free, TANKS x100 :)

if i have time to watch all videos i can learn something useful, I mean everybody can learn something that they didn't know , i just now it ;)

EDIT: i started watching and BANG u need to wait 92 minutes until u can watch next video

By the way Great Tutorials ;) Thanks once again ;)
Thanks for all your kind replies.

OldDog - This is not ment so everybody watches every single one if they already know how to do stuff. This can just serve as a way to learn how to model the area you struggle with. If you can model the hood, skip the hood tutorial :)

And as far as low quality goes, this was the best I can do with a hosting place such as megavideo. And about me still making profit that is true, I cannot let all my hard work go unpaid right?


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;) don't wory be happy i will hack my way to download this videos muahahahaa

Lol just kiding

i am bad in modeling i mean i just started working whit 3D 4-5 months ago so i don't know everything
that is why i want to watch all of your videos
By the way your side-miror video helped me very much Thanks :)
you made some people happy dude ... tnx alot ...

L.E. if it was high res ... it would have been a dreem ... but still ... tnx alot ... :p ;)


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Lol, thats sooo awesome w/ the blueprint set up i never knew that asset browser even existed, makes my life so much easier :p
Lol, thats sooo awesome w/ the blueprint set up i never knew that asset browser even existed, makes my life so much easier :p
yeah there are tons of cool tools inside max that I even learn every once in a while.

Also just to inform you all. In the tutorials I was using tesselate for a while but instead you should use connect. it does the same stuff without all that extra work. I learned aobut it later on the road :)