Renault MN (1925)


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Mmm... definitely not from 1939, I think.
This 6- wheeler has a 1922-1928 front end, as Renault placed the radiator in front of the engine from 1929 onwards. Pre- 1922 models had a more exposed radiator.
Looking at the image, it seems it has the round Renault logo, used from 1923 to 1925.

Any more info ?



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The bp is from a book about trucks and tanks, that are used by the Polish army in the year 1939. So it could be older than 1939 ( I can´t read that language...). I changed the title to 1925, until we find other informations.
I never did understand Renault's hanging on to dashboard radiators for so long. It must have been unbearably hot for the driver, and heaven help you if you got hit and the radiator started spraying all over the place.