Request: 96 Tiburon Coupe high res headlight textures/front pictures


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I've looked everywhere, so does anyone know where I can find high res photos of the front of the car /headlights without perspective.
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Like this?

I found these after a quick google, not sure if there any use though.
It may also be worth trying to find a different car which uses a similar/near identical headlight cluster (e.g mid 90s Hyundai Accent)and adjust them to fit your model.
Well this is a picture I've already found. it's the closest I could find but the resolution is too low:
How it looks on the model:

But thanks for the suggestion, it sounds like a good idea to look for Accent headlights :)
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Yeah I guess I could try that.

I used a picture I found some months ago, a black white picture of the headlight, and put it on top of the lowres image and set the top layer to "overlay" and played a little with the transpanency:

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