Rhino car modelling : The next audi TT

About the welding. Is it okey if I do this -> select all vertices, and then weld all those selected vertices with value 0,0? It works and if I try weld them again it sais that "no vertices within weld treshold". I thought that it only weld those vertices that are touching each other. Is this correct? Anyway the surface looks nice and this saves lot of time when you can weld all vertices at same time :). So I'm asking do you guys know if this is the "bad way" to do it?
It takes some time before anyone with the right anwser reeds this..

Maybe your technique is more comlex, but as long as it works, it's okay to do. :)
'im sorry i did not check this post for a long time.
anyway, welding is not always necessary. if you see some "jump" or "offset" in the reflections, weld this seam. Actually my advice is the following :
weld only the seams between large surface. because very often some triangles are deformed and after welding give you some dark shading spot.

but you can select all large surfaces, hide the inverse selection, then select all vertices and weld. The result's the same. The problem is just with boudary surfaces.

excuse my bad english. I've to get some rest :)

good luck.
Thanks for you answer :). I was thinking that not all parts necessarily need to be welded since I haven't earlier done it at all :oops:. But I see that I should had done some welding to my models since there is some seams visible at some places :roll:.

Oh, almost forgot. So that "weld selected with value 0,0" just simply welds those vertices which are touching each other like I was guessing? Couldn't find any info about this even checked the hand book(starts to look like that I'm blind :D).
actually, if you weld virts, then you notice wierd black stuff in the viewport, all you gotta do is add a "Smooth" modifier and check "auto smooth" and it should clear up all the wierd edges

this mostly works when you weld 90 degree angled surfaces together
Very nice tutorial!
Thank you!

I've also seen your "R version" of this car in another forum.
Did you model the extra parts "on top of" the basic version, or did you have to rework some of the old parts?

Is there some sort of "non -destructive" modeling with NURBS?
Because I realize that it is very hard to correct mistakes you've made earlier.
With polygons you can simply change your mesh but a NURBS model is made of many different parts.
Now I would have to rework half the car, just to have clean longer wheel archs :shock:
Well, Rhino doesn't support yet an history linked with the modelling. It exists in Maya or StudioTools nurbs. You can edit an object parameter in the history and rebuild all that have been built after that.

I think it's partly working in the WIP 4.0 Version of rhino. But did not try it yet.
in 3.0 version, you have to be sure the surface you built is perfect before making any trim and build other surfaces based on it.

NOTICE on the export to Max section. When the PackTextures radiobutton is NOT selected, the unwrap modifier in Max will not work.

Very nice tutorial!

Had a look at you Bugatti too, very clean modelling. What can I say... the best Rhino work I've seen since the SuurlandBeetle.

The last bit aboute exporting to Max was very interesting. I have one question that is as much a Max question as it is a Rhino question, but here I go: Exporting to Max from Rhino with IGES is very convenient because as you say; it is much faster then the Mesh method. The only reason that I dont use IGES is that I cant get the unwrapUVW modifier to work with IGES files (even after converting the nurbs surfaces to poly ore mesh in Max)

Anybody know a way round this problem?

soljarag";p="80573 said:
hey, i finnally found some more time to work on this, and whenever i try to make the wheel arch the bottom of it looks really bad, anyone know why?

I had the same problem.
I guess it would be bettter to model the whole wheel arch right from the start and then cutting it in pieces.
But i would also like to know how to fix that without starting over.
soljarag, i'll check your file wedneday night, cos i don't have rhino running on this machine.

alfabeta, thx for the tip on the Packtextures radiobutton.
and i did not think of that uvw problem with iges problem. I think the thing is the uv directions are the same on the nurbs object in max and in rhino. So the mapping should work either. What about converting it to mesh in max and see what you can get with the unwrap ??
if you have only a few parts on which you want to apply an unwrap, it could be still a good point to use iges export.
soljarag, i looked at your file.

when building the arch with the NetworkSrf, specify Loose on the small straight edges. Tangency on the curved edge and position on the small one are incompatible in the corner, do you see what i mean ?

nice modelling for the rest of the car ! keep it up !