Road & Track: Racer Motors Mach 5

Scanned... They're in order of size (byte-wise), smallest being first.
The first one is a small, grayscale version, the second is a bigger grayscale, the third is the same size and colored, and the fourth includes all the dimensions, weight, HP, etc., but it's the biggest file.


the Infamous Mach 5....practicly the most uniquely designed car pretty much :) aswell the most famous aside from the 305mph Batmobile from Batman :D

1/4mile in 2.6 seconds..... yea fast car..... 0-60 .06 sec's this is almost in comparison of a Top Fuel/Funnycar Racer, Very balanced vehicle givin the V12's Size and Weight..

sadly tho they won't use a replicated version of this Car for the Speed Racer movie thats in development right now there going computer generated more then likely since it prolly would be tough to replicate a car like this
Mach 5 "specs"

After reading a few of these "performance specs" I couldn't help remembering a scene in an old Loony Toons cartoon in which Sylvester can't get up a huge pole to get to Tweety. Suddenly he has an idea and simply runs up the air, holding a sign that says, "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IN A CARTOON."