Rolls-Royce Phantom III Villiers (1937)


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Rolls-Royce Phantom III.
This car started life as a Hooper Limousine. In 1973 the body-less car was bought by Charles Amherst Villiers. He intended to rebuilt it - to be the fastest RR ever made.
He knew what he had to deal with. He was the man who supercharged Birkin´s Blower Bentley and the Blower Bentleys who ran the 24h race at Le Mans in 1930.

But this prject went all wrong. He had a deal with the RR-Compagny, who should tune the engine with a twin-turbo. It failed. So he and RR met in Court, later in High Court - when
C A Villiers was 90 years old.
He died before the case ended. His daughter finished the High Court case for him - and the
RR-Compagny lost!

Even today the car has no turbo nor twin-turbo.