Pardon my french but: YOU ROCK!!! That's my late dad's last truck :cool: I've searched high and low for the last 2 years trying to find good prints for this. This is fantastic!! Thank you so much :)

Many Greetings
in case..

in case..u ...might maybe want to model this i go get u decal tex of this exact model and your welcome
edit: oh ya 4got to mention these are the actual engenering drawings from the factory that brought this model to construction...some kind enthousiast was kind enough to make nice copy's for his own pleasure and shares them on a photo album site 4 us to grab...
THis will do fine for me, the truck was painted in a single colour but I thank you very much for the offer and for the prints, I've gotten them all, also the torpedo-nosed model that my dad also liked :)

Its not an R142 as far as i know but i have seen R142 printed on the box for a model one. Its just a 142 with some variations bieng things like 142E & 142H.

I used this image to make the scanias pictured below.

Thats a twin turbo Scania DS14 usually the twin turbos are marine engines but i wanted to do this to be diferent. The game is called Rigs of Rods but the Scanias arent officially released & i have had help with the engine block and the turbos because mine where rubbish.