Show off your projects you are working on

Purpose of this topic is to let you show your unfinished work here if you don't want to make a new topic. I recommend to use our attachment system or use thumbnails(Photobuckets or Imageshacks etc) when posting your renders or screenshots. If you don't want to use them please keep it under 640x480


good thing that car's from the time before they got all silly with making cars' parts.

default-type generic-looking textures actually fit pretty well on the car. the headlights are especially nice.. but that may just be because i have a thing for yellow lights..


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Ok...schaefft,dont crap your pants!
I am workin on my Caprice model again.Tweaking some stuff.

I made my 92 a 91 and made it look like a 9C1 police package car.
Well,I thought the world needs it so...;)
Its seen in movies so often.Mostly as undercover or detectives cars.
That would make a great unmarked copcar.
Its not finished yet but the pics show it almost in final look.

...enjoy schaefft!


Oooaaaaahhhh, it looks so lovly.:eek: How could I say sth else about a Caprice?^^ I love it, I really do. You should open a thread for it, show us some wires and details. I cant wait to see more of it.

But theres also sth I dont like:grin: The model is great, but I still dont like the spec value^^ Keep it up, I am sooo glad you continue it, theres nothing better than a 91 Caprice.:) Wheres a love smiley btw^^

EDIT: Ah yeah, my Bonneville in the background, I should make a new version of it. It sucks xD

EDIT2: If you need referencematerial of some special parts, I have everything here in my Caprice folder (chassis, engine,...)


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Your Bonneville has one of the best damages I've ever seen!!

I try to make the Caprice perfect on the outside but got no real "bock" to make a good interior.
Pumbars Caprice has a nice interior but the outside has too much errors.
Well I will take my time to do it good!

EDIT:I even thought of remodeling the body with more polies so that the spec would flow nicer....first I finish my 60 Chevy.
Even a ultra lowpoly body can look great with the right material settings. Give it a bodymap and itll be perfect! And maybe we can drive it in GTA4 in some months^^
Ah nice to see you're going to update your Caprice, I still have yours in my SA :)

Anyways here's something I've done, old model but I dig it out from the dusts. ~28k tris