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Hello, all.

Haven't been on the site in a long time. Last time i visited, i remember using a chat that was implemented onto the site. Has it been placed somewhere else, because i can't find it. :wut:


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was that the IRC channel?
I must admit I havent been on that in quite some time, will check tonight when I get home unless someone here can answer before me :D

from what I remember it was'nt that active, and a couple of regular trolls made it annoying


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it is the smcars IRC channel... We had an implemented version of it, not sure it's there still, but if you want to come into the chat with us, you can either:

-use mIRC and connect to a random QuakeNet server (should be already within mIRC's server list that's built in.
(If not, the IRC Server is ports 6667-6669

-use quakenet's webchat page, QuakeNet Web IRC (qwebirc) simply add in the channel info and your desired nickname and you're in.

The IRC channel is #smcars once you get connected to QuakeNet.

Enjoy and hope to see you there!