SMC Postapocalytic Race 2012 - Vote

SMC Postapocalytic Race 2012

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SMC Postapocalytic Race 2012 - Vote
Please use this thread to cast your vote for best entry.

To do so, simply cast your vote in the poll at the top of this thread.

Contestants are not allowed to vote for them selves (poll is public).

Good luck everyone!

P.S.: Feel free to leave comments about your decission and the entries
Hi guy´s.
first of all big thank´s to you guy´s for oppen up this thread.
Here is what i did.i really enjoyed this contest.was lot of fun.
hope you like what i did.
cheers and good luck for all of you.


i'd defenatly liked the contest but my time has ran out and i discovered that i have a lot to learn about texturing but i hope someone likes my renders i only had to downsize the kwality of the picture becouse they were to large in format (3.8mb)


Death Brother's Camaro Racer

Here are my submissions for the contest...

It was fun and a challenge ... I also wish I had a little more time ... but there is never enough time. LOL

Good luck to everyone.

I present to you ...The Camaro racer from The Death Brothers

Also a separate picture of the base



Steam Powered Old Style Porsche Final

Here's my submission - I had alot of fun doing this one - looking forward to the next one!



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Anonymous Nation - The Misfit

It was tedious for me but I had fun, hope you all do... Good luck contestants.



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And, here they are. Enjoy!





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I vote for Equinox,

even if many works here are very good, particularry the works by Vader, Panesar and Skrips.
Equinox for me the at the end though. Good luck to everyone :)

P.S Oops, when i wrote this, there weren't the poll yet at the top...i ask sorry.


Hi guys, sorry there was a technical issue which didn't allow SMC Members to vote. Now it should work!

Edit: My vote goes to EquiNox for best presentation and texturing followed by Panesar and Vader. I also think that all of the contestants did great in that amount of time! The quality is really high. Really great job everyone!

Hi xD my decision is Panesar, although the camera position from render could be higher :D but Scratch Made and i like it most, even against Delorean, which i thought i will vote :D

GJ 2 everyone who found enough to do it :D cheers.


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My vote goes to Equinox, even though i love Panesar's and Vader's work, it just is for me a level above on the renders. All of them are great models :)
hello, i voted for vader, i think his final render is outstanding. equinox came really close too, but i personally liked vader's render overall look better. one thing that stroke me and none of the competitors thought about was that since we are in post apocalypse maybe not everyone would be able to acquire 4 similar wheels, so i expected to see some variation there. i also liked tinpau's car a lot, but the final render let down somehow, i think the textures could have been much better. great effort from all concurents, i didnt dare to join this contest :)