SMC Postapocalytic Race 2012 - Vote

SMC Postapocalytic Race 2012

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Some awesome entries in here, loved Vaders, Equinoxs and Panesars vehicles, very nice job indeed!

But at the end the Delorean gets my vote, love the first shot and very awesome work overall. Well done!
I vote for equiNOX because I think he captured the spirit of the contest, and on average scores highly in all areas.However I believe panesar was the best in modelling/design, and vader66 was best in presentation.


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First of all, great entries, you guys did a fantastic job! Really hard to decide who to vote for...

But I think vader66 deserves it the most... great modeling, nice presentation and good job on the texturing and lighting!


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Hi, my final vote goes to vader66, I really like the design and his diorama setting is very cool, he actually put it on a shelf in a room.... just brilliant!!! and he was the only one who finished it in time before it was extended.

I would have given a vote for EquiNOX and tinpau as well. They are my 3 winners.

Congrats to all who managed to finish and present their projects.

Cheers, and next time, let's make it a 3 monthes contest, that would be cool.


Poll is closed :)

We have three winners:

1st place goes to EquiNox
2nd place goes to vader66
3rd place goes to Panesar

Thank you very much for the great entries everyone.



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Certainly anyone who participate in this contest is a winner! And congratulations! Thank you very much for your comments, supports and all.

Hope more of these contest will happen in future.
Hi guy´s.
first of all congrats to the winner EquiNOX.
nice to see my picture on frontsite.
as i said it was a real fun.
thank´s once more to all the guy´s who set up the contest and to
all the guy´s who watched this thread.


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So cool to see your projects on the frontpage, very professional!!!

Congratulations!!! Let's make a X-mas contest now, what do you think??? :D