SMC Postapocalytic Race Inspiration


SMC Postapocalytic Race Inspiration

there seems to be some confusion about the final presentation for the ongoing contest. In particular the bases you´re supposed to put your vehicles on. So i collected some inspirational pictures on what can be done. The examples range from very simple to complex.

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Fractalife - 240Z

Bull-Riding-ZB.jpg Bull-Riding-ZB01.jpg
Bull Riding Bull Riding

Joseph Drust - Digital Sculpture Thread

Judge Death

artist unknown


Jason Smith's Art Blog: Overwatch Finished

Whatever you decide to model, make sure the vehicle is the centerpiece and the base is just the platform for the presentation and to give your work some context. As seen above this could be a simple piece of road or desert or some more complex terrain with pieces of destroyed walls and structures (buildings, bridges etc). Do not include characters or other vehicles though, your car should be the hero here and has to be presented that way.

hope this helps you guys on choosing the right base for your entry.

P.S.: feel free to share your inspiration here (make sure to give credit and link to the original artist)