SMC Super Challenge I

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Super Challenge, what is that you might wonder? It's a new challenge which we like to offer you. These contests are suppose to be easy to enter and quick ones so one doesn't get bored so fast ;) Subject can be anything, for example a lowpoly model without textures, texturing a model that is same for everybody etc as simple as possible. From these contests you wont get a medal only might and others respect ;) There will always be one week to finish your entry and after that there's one week time to vote.

Now lets get on to the first challenge!


Challenge #1

Your job is to make paintjob to the car I've modelled to the contest. It's Ford Escort MK2 rally car. You're not allowed to make any changes to the model itself. It has all the objects modeled and mapped, your only job is to make a paintjob. I've attached all you need below. Good luck I hope I'll see many entries ;)

  • It's not allowed to modify the model
  • Everything needs to have texture
  • Maximum resolutions for textures are 1024x1024 for the car, 512x512 for the rest
  • You have one week to finish your entry
  • Post your work under this topic, you can also show wip's here and other comments are allowed aswell. There will be own topic for the final entries
  • Renders aren't allowed you must show screenshot from your viewport, minimum resolution 800x600
  • You must show also your final textures


So there will be some speedmodeling/texturing contests like on Sounds great, should be funny to see what everyone produces out of the same model.:)
Lol. Well, I guess most folks on here are more used to using materials instead of actual textures.

I always wanted to have a contest like this, but thought people would think it a scam so they'd finish my car for me. Lol. I'd like to participate, but it's in the wrong modeler ;)
You mean progran? I exported model in .3ds, .obj and .dff (GTA VC format, ZMods can import it) so it should be available for everyone. And well of course for Max 8 version aswell :)

Come on people! :p


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Guys believe me, it gives you so much fun! You should really try doing this stuff :D

Here is my try :D I didn't put my heart into it but that's no point. I just wanted to have maximum fun. And it does work!

Congrats to Johans for very nice, very low poly model :D It's really nice.


That's pretty good, the dirt effects are a little simple looking but overall it works with the model really well.

I downloaded the model and was gonna give try, but the fact the model was already mapped and more or less had body textures already made for it turned me off big time. Basicly it needed paintjob instead of actually texturing it. Someone should do a contest where the model is done and absolutely nothing is done on textures or mapping, where every person will have diferent mapping and everything, give people more artistic freedom and the results would vary more and be more intesting. Me thinks anyways... ;)
Ah I see :D

I thought to map and bake textures for it so it'd be easy to enter. But of course I can make contest like that in future if there will be people that would join :)

@Krystian nice work indeed :)

Looks like I forgot to model wipers heh...
Great idea for a challange Johnas.:)

I got the model into blender no problems. And I was glad you mapped the textures for me. (I hate doing that) and they even have nice labels and all.

But the the thing that stopped me doing an entry was the no render rule. I just cant seem to get the textures to look any good in the viewport. If I could work this part out I would be in.

Krystian. Nice work there mate. Looks awesome.:)
Oh you cannot change the resolution of texture for viewport in Blender? If that's the case then I'll take that rule away, you'd be able to enter hehe. But if you render only with standard material settings ;)
Hey Marcin,

Great work mate. Looks fantastic.:)

Yeah im struggling with this. Cant seem to get it to look good without rendering. Im still mucking around with it but will miss the deadline.

Good luck.



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According to what Johnas said, it ends today :)

Nice job to everyone :D Spitty I love your paint job! But mirrored Pirelli logo is teh Fail :D
Lol @ licence plate :D
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