SMC Super Challenge III - Garage


Lamborghini President

Challenge #3

As title of this thread says, your task is to model a garage. It can be any: Future garage, retro, your own, garage from your dreams, but it has to be a garage. I hope I'll see some interesting entries. Good luck and have fun.

  • NO restrictions for polygon count.
  • Textures or custom materials aren't allowed, only your 3D softwares default material!
  • Renders are allowed but only as so called "clays"
  • You must submit your work before next Monday 31st Aug to this topic (comments are welcomed here too)
  • You can't use any of you previous projects.
  • No teaming up, it has to be your own work!
Way to cool! When i work last night i only could think about making a garage! Maybe i should join this contest ?? Sounds like a lot off fun, off to the mechanic to get some refs :D
Modeling cars can get to you and this came at a time when I'm hesitating to start another right away. I guess this would be a good chance to add to my background files. Since I just tossed my studio in one end of my dream garage I figured I'd enter this challenge to drop a work shop in the other end. Idea here is to assemble a work space two bays wide. My garage will fit two cars deep so i'll divide the space into two areas. A clean space with a sealed dust room in the back. Attached is a quick and dirty render of my layout so far.



got most of the basic exterior done, no peeking in the windows
basically its a 2 car wide garage with plenty of depth for tool storage, workspace etc.. plus you get to live upstairs!


Hi guys. So little time, so much to do. Life caught up with me this week leaving little time to play. I didn't even open this file again. It has to get done one day so maybe you'll see my garage in the future. There's a couple of nice garages here. Good job guys. See you in the polls.

damn it, I missed this one I always wanted to model a garage and I was thinking of modeling a garage for my next project. :( o well good luck to everyone