SMC Super Challenge IV - Helmet


Lamborghini President

SMCars Super Challange IV

Challenge #4

As requested in this thread. Design your own helmet. It can be any type of helmet: open, closed, motorbike's, open wheeler's, your choice. This time you've got 2 weeks and ability to use textures :). Good luck and have fun.

  • NO restrictions for polygon count.
  • Textures and custom materials are allowed,
  • Renders are allowed
  • You must submit your work before Monday 5th October to this topic (comments are welcomed here too)
  • You can't use any of you previous projects.
  • No teaming up, it has to be your own work!
I can´t believe!!!

i thougtht it was an interesting Challenge because it´s a little bit different than car design. i´m so happy. Thanks to everybody...and good luck!

The IC

uses too many smileys
well, ive already done an Arai GP5, so i guess ill try and jump in with a Simpson Diamondback :uhh:....probably wont finish in time though


Designing your own helmet doesn't mean you have to invent a brand new shape. You can use a real shape, model it accurately, and create your own graphics : it's still "your own design".