SMC V2.0 goes online

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As you probably noticed we updated the Forum's Software. We are running on the latest Vbulletin right now.

The update might caused problems.
Please let us know if you have troubles or if you notice something wrong.

SMCars Team


hi !

Amazing work EX i really love this new verssion !

ah by the way is the gallery linked now ? cuz the botton doesn't seems to work .
Congrats for the update guys,
the skin looks professional but I'll miss the old skin for a while :p

My signature looks cooler on the new skin :D
Wow... just wow! I didn't know what was going on when I came to the website today. It just said: Big update. This can take up to several hours... I wasn't expecting this at all, which makes it even better!

Looks great guys! This makes me even more proud to be a member of this awesome community!
Yea WONDERFUL well done but now i will never know if i open smcars or cg cars i don't think it's cool that they have the same design
Not open for further replies.