SMCars and models theft : official statement


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That is some serious rip-off, man. Would be a massive pain in the arse to get those down, on the flip side, though, your work is so splendid one wants to rip it off
inserting name or email in the mesh might be good idea, but then anyone can delete it if editing as for the images people may pass as their work but they cannot replicate the modeling so its not much use anyway, in the end the person copying will not benefit beyond the model in hand
Long time back i download a max character animation file where the name of the artist was visible at the bottom of the active viewport, even when we merge the file we were not able to get rid of it.anybody know's how to do it? i'll try to find that file again & post it here...
I love these forums, I play Rigs of Rods... their forums have somewhat arrogant humourless admins. Its nice to read something like this and not feel like the admins want to cut your throat.
I'm a member at some game-sites, we do use meshes that aren't ours.
However: we do credit the ones that made them, if known.

Meshes we use are either 'commercial' or from free stuff.
Both get their honours. BTW we never sell anything, it's just for the enjoyment of car nutters.
I think you'll all appreciate that.


To me it sounds OK. The 100$ question is : do the authors of the original meshes authorized derivative work ?

That's a question I (almost) always ask when someone post here blueprints made from a mesh ripped from a commercial game. When ripping the mesh, that someone is probably doing something illegal, but that don't concerns SMCars at this point. What concerns SMCars, is the posting here of a blueprint from the mesh: it's clearly a derivative work, and it's prohibited if the game authors didn't authorize derivate work. And usually, they don't.

I don't know the english word for that, but in french it's called "recel de contrefaçon" (online automated translator says "concealment of counterfeit")
Any particular car model will roughly follow a certain way of making a mesh for different artist using a standard good blue print and there will be slight variation but not a lot as solution for all areas will not deviate much, so I think it would be preprostous to jump to the definitive conclusion unless there is 99.9% duplication in all aspects