SMCars Challenge: Postapocalyptic Race [Rules/Q&A]


After the Apocalypse, there were no winners, no losers, just survivors. Survivors who live a nomadic life as resources are scattered across the land.
Each year, the nomadic tribes gather in a large explanade to trade with the obtained goods. They come from the lost cities, the empty farms and the deforested forests.
And every year, there is this race, this mighty race where all show their racing machines created from the pieces found across the devastated fields, the dusty streets, the raided military bases and the mired seaports.
After the race, the winner becomes the Champion of them all and his/her tribe is filled with all the honors and privileges for the next year.

So do your best to create a racing beast out of wasted pieces, from farm tractors to aircraft turbines.

Your tribe hails you. Hail, Hail Racers, HAIL!!!


  • Vehicles must be created from scratch. You can either create an existing real life vehicle (and add any parts you'd like but it must be noticeable under any modification you make) or design yourself a complete new post-apocalyptic vehicle.
  • No poly limit.
  • Texturing required. On top of adding Dirt and rust to your vehicle through textures we encourage you to add symbols representing a tribe or faction (some special insignia item as skull, horns, flags, hand painted logos, etc...)
  • No weapons (we´re doing post apocalyptic racing theme)


  • Final presentation of vehicle must be a beauty render on a base or pedestal. Image format: 1920x1080.
  • Plus a 3/4 Front and a 3/4 rear render of it.
  • 4 Ortographic Clay renderings ARE REQUIRED for EACH entry and should be rendered at 1280x720
  • Wireframe (1280x720)


  • [STRIKE]End time Monday October 22nd 2012 at noon +0 GMT.[/STRIKE]
  • End time Monday 5th November 2012 at noon +0 GMT

To paricipate please start a thread in this Subforum to submit your work in progress updates.

Please name your threads like this: PostapocalypticRace-[USERNAME]

P.S.: Thanks to Marek Denko for allowing us to use his artwork.
check out his awesome work here: Marek Denko online » Buggy series


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Short contest, but I'm looking forward to seeing the entries! I wish I could take part, but I could far too many personal projects on my plate as it is.


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Why can't people in a post apocalyptic world just be friendly at some point and race for fun again? It doesn't always have to have guns and stuff!
gr8 to see it posted, waiting for it whole summer! :D so what about a thinkng about longer period? :D fast modelers have no problem so they will just wait for announcing, but we, sloooow individuals with title finish in school, have problem with time :D but i presume you already think about it so final decision about deadline? :)

PS: what about that frontpage img from Marek Denko :D does he know about it? :D or by community for comunnity and do *** auth. rights? :D



Marek was so kind to allow us the use his pictures on SMC.

This is also mentioned by TwoOneOne in the first post.

Well... considering we use rusty vehicles, I think it's about time to use my rusty modelling skills xD... already have ideas, so can't wait to get home from work and start drawing!! :D


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have only one question! if i wanna build a concept what techs I can use? I mean can I use solar power or something similar and etc.


no we don't need weapons. It's more interesting, weapons have been way overdone. BTW thread title is missing a p.
i totally agree. to model a car and put a minigun on top is not much of a challenge in my book. so we decided to approach this a different way.

and thanks for pointing out the typo.


have only one question! if i wanna build a concept what techs I can use? I mean can I use solar power or something similar and etc.

well, you could use anything/ any tech if you can come up with a convincing story behind it why people in a postapocalyptic future would use it.
in this case, solar makes a lot of sense: in a friendly race, with less and less resources (e.g. fossil fuels) to spend, solar looks like a clever solution to me if people still have the knowledge.

You can get much farther with a fast car and a machine gun than you can get with only a fast car.
Al Capone

ha, good one. but for this challenge let´s try to make cool looking "racecars" without the weapons.
so one version of postapocalyptic reality? without guns and jet fuel? xD because you know other reality versions, like rage, postapocalyptic = nuclear war = mutations = needed defences :D
Can I use my unfinished Chrysler as a base, or does it need to be a all new model?
It started life as a post-apoc car anyway :D

This idea is fun, I'll try to build something for it too :picaso:


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sounds really cool .. and I always wanted to make some kind of buggy/vehicle .. no necessary post apocyliptic

however I don't think I will have time for that ..
I'm quite busy at work .. and have baby on the way - due to October ... plus I'm in the process of buying new car ... too much sh*t on my plate

sounds quite cool though!