SMCars goes topless : post your final renders

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Here's the official thread for Topless final renders.

You can post your final renders here, but no other comment : this thread isn't for commenting other people's work. Go to their individual thread in the WIP section instead : SMCars goes topless : the 2010 Summer contest - Scratch Made Cars - Car Blueprints Forum.

You can post renders of an unfinished project. Don't be afraid or ashamed of that.

You can post as many as you wish, but remember only two of each project will be selected by the SMCars team to create the poll.

Please post large pictures, to better show your work.

Any render setup is OK, but creativity is advised ;)


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ok so... I think these will be my entries. I wasn't quite sure about the Pier Village render so I decided to leave it out...
This was really fun to take part in, good luck to everyone! :D


Not open for further replies.