SMCars goes topless : the poll

What is your favorite Topless entry ?

  • 1909 Blitzen-Benz by Arthur Dent

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  • 2 doors Lancer Evo convertible by stefan de wit

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  • Subaru Impreza 22B convertible by HaZ-R-DuS

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Last step for the contest, it's now time to vote for your favorite entry. You've got one week to make your choice and vote.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, congratulations to everyone who managed to produce their final renders, and also a big thanks to all the SMCars members who took a look at the projects, who commented and commited critics.

The final entries are above. Make your choice !
Amazing entries! I love them all. Amazingly there isn't a bad one there. Very hard to pick a favorite but I've chosen Bugatti T41 Sport Carrera Roadster by Bookmaker as I love the choice and the modeling.
I've chosen Ferrari 365 GTS-4 by chris20, well done exterior and interior and it's a pity that render with yellow car in move isn't here, I think it's great :)