SMCars goes topless : the poll

What is your favorite Topless entry ?

  • 1909 Blitzen-Benz by Arthur Dent

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  • 2 doors Lancer Evo convertible by stefan de wit

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  • Subaru Impreza 22B convertible by HaZ-R-DuS

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The venom was great, the cadillac made me smile, the impala was georgeous.
Everyone made a great entry, but I voted for the Mini. Good mesh, good materials, good render. Well done everyone.
Voted for durban's Mini , It's the best one in my eyes. :D
It's really hard to pick a winner in this contest... there are too many good entries
Congratulations to everyone


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Well I like the Chevy Impala, and the Venom is awesome !
But my Vote goes to Mini Cooper S cabrio by durban
Because of a great model and an good environment, from my point of view he used a lot of his time on this , and on making the final renders look good , whit that environment and surf boards and everything ;)

Jomar Machado

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The entries are all top-notch...Congrats! ;)

I loved the Bugatti T41 Sport Carrera Roadster by Bookmaker and the Mini Cooper, but my vote goes to the modeling and render of Chevy impala '59 by mrgraf.

We all are winners to have so many talented mates in our site... :)
hey guys!
I went for mrgraf's Impala, great model and flawless rendering... I specially liked the realism on the b/w render and the front closeup, I know those were not the final entries, but...
anyway, hard choice to make...

(btw, thanks 4 ur comments on my model :))
I think the Impala is the best entry, next to Chris20 and Durban, but it would be injustice to leave without voting to Enzo Ferrari by Vladimirsc.

Sorry for the Blitzen-Benz 1909 by Arthur Dent, who is in the same situation.

Congratulations to the other entries and just luck for all.