SMCars goes topless : the poll

What is your favorite Topless entry ?

  • 1909 Blitzen-Benz by Arthur Dent

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  • 2 doors Lancer Evo convertible by stefan de wit

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  • Subaru Impreza 22B convertible by HaZ-R-DuS

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Better than an Espace, a Renault Avantime cab' would have been a killer idea. /me slaps himself not to have it before :)

By the way, I voted for the Impala, of course. It's really nice and the close up shot showing paint and DoF just killed me. Congratulations to everyone and good luck for the 2nd / 3rd place fight \o/

edit : found a photoshop for an avantime cab : cabriolet/59GG59/avantime_gallery_colors_51.jpg
Thank you for choosing my work, It was my first contest ever :)
Congratulation to everyone who finished :)
I'm looking forward to next competition ;)