SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo


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Great to see the developing process is going ahead. I've to say i like the new layout however it needs a bit of time to be used as every new thing.
As the first sight, i think there's a mismatch among the ''likes'' and the ''thanks'' received. For example, i remeber clearly to have received about 380 likes, not 543 like is currently showed . The ''thanks'' were 543 instead and they're not showed anymore. Besides i can't find the ''thanks'' tab. Again,what are the trophy points?
I know it's a WIP layout so far and probabilly u already know what i've pointed out. I think u're trying to get rid of the most important things, details will be adjusted after :)

Oscar J

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It all looks 5 years older than before - it's mainly the fonts I think, for example, this font looks way too big.

I'd rather have it looking something like this.


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It looks nice overall.. the font is too bi though and some icons need to be changed from stock to something car-leated or at least better looking, it's a shame you can't see a preview of the images in the thread like before, now you see the original poster avatar.
It is good see the malware gone, besides this, the new look is very clean and easy to read. Some links seems to not work but I guess that has to do with the fine tuning!


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Happy to see the site back on line!
The new forum interface is cool but i was preferring the previous "preview based" WIP section layout instead of the current one.
Another small thing: i would move the last line (i.e."Ultradigital, Yesterday at 4:56 PM Report#12 Like Reply") at the bottom ot at the top of the post, because in my opinion it makes me crossing eyes while reading the post itselfs.


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I really like the new software. It is, for now, more confortable then the vBulletin one. I like the implementation of images on posts where you can choose between thumbs or fullscreen.

Just the design and overall look needs to tidy up. For now the Font is too bright in front of the the great dark backround. We need that grey font color back. Also the post's are often too fussy together with the signatures. We need better separation. For now i often need to look up before i can start to read the new post. #confusing


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Nice, keep on working on it you are doing it great. And it's very cool to have a new look. it's like opening a present, everything is new!!!

Thanks for the effort :D
Font brightness was reduced. Hope this is sufficient.

I have added the following to the todo list:

1) "preview based" WIP
2) Increase the spacing between the post and signatures.

I will see what I can do about the dateTime signature below the post.

Thank you for the feedback everyone! Much appreciated!



good to hear that the virus issues are solved, this kinda kept me away.
And i like all the features of the new forum so far.

good job guys.