Snow : 1967 Kaiser M715

Nice details man, I wish you luck with this one. Could you tell me where do you get references for frame rails and stuff like that? I hardly can find anything decent.
Thanks guys, @metabadger i have 2 right now.
@mad mike - for this truck i just searched on google and they were there not very good pictures but it got me the angles i needed


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Holy smokes man how did you made that snow ? :O I just need to know xD
btw textures are just great, I love it .. now the next thing is next I'm w8ing for a scene to be created :D

Keep it up and have fun doing it ;)

P.S: Get the Axles together xD
Yeah looks great.

I mean How do you find time to work on this project and your transformer at the same time. Seriously dedicated mate.:) Well done.