Snow: '61 Chevrolet C/K 10 Stepside

Well, decided to give this contest a go with a classic 60s truck. I decided on 1961 Chevrolet C/K 10 "Apache", Stepside variant. I still don't know if I'll make the 4WD (K), or RWD (C). That's a quick look of what's been done so far. I already have an idea for a scene, but won't give it away yet. Except that it features snow :)

My refpics number is abt 180 atm.

EDIT: added more up-to-date pic


That is great choice of model, whatever you decide to go for I'm pretty sure is going to turn out awesome. That is a classic itself, very good choice indeed.
Ok, bed is getting made, had to stop to look for more reference. Result: 468 refpics. Still, moldings on the back of the cab have to be fixed, there's 6 of them, not 5 as I thought due to lack of appropriate pictures. I have some frame and suspension etc. pics now as well, so I'll try to make it as detailed as possible.

Happy New Year everyone!


Got back to shape after New Year's Eve. Almost finished bed door, only Chevrolet molding left to do, fixed moldings on the back of the cab.

Please leave some comments here, they keep me motivated. And I really want to finish a model at last.


Well, I had a bit of pause working on this one, but I'm back on it. Started to cut it into panels and rough out the firewall. It'll be finished after I finish the cab as it's asymmetrical. After i do the cab, probably the frame will come. Don't worry, firewall's crap so far, just rough shapes to take place until time comes.


Chris, do you mean that I might not make it on time? Well, I'm also a bit concerned, but I'll try to make it as good as possible. I have also thought about a little twist to this one. originally I wanted it to be stuck in the snow, or sliding sideways through a corner in snowy weather. Now I think I'll do it a bit different way. Kind of "what if" featuring winter. I already have some stuff sketched. Anyway, I'm progressing towards the interior, 2 hours got me some moldings round the door.


Hey Mike,

Yeah im seriously running out of time.:( But what your doing is looking great. You've got the bulk of the work out the way. Keep it up man.