Snow, a winter contest : the poll !

Which is your favorite entry ?

  • OldDog - Concept Hot Rod

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  • stefan de wit - fantasy car

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Hi everyone,

10 of you made it to the final entries thread. Here're the contenders, sorted by alphabetical order.

Arthur Dent - Russian Aerosan NKL 26

Astr0s - Ford Escort Mk1

chris20 - Toon Top Gear Hilux

chris912 - 1967 Kaiser M715

EquiNOX-1 - Penguin XR1

Juki_fi - VW Transporter T3

Mad Mike - '61 Chevrolet C/K 10 Stepside

OldDog - Concept Hot Rod

qretz - Alpine Snowfrog

stefan de wit - fantasy car

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this was a tough one rele great entries, i voted for the snowfrog tho, i think it shows the best combination of creativity and technical goodiness.

i love the detail of the vw transporter, especially in the suspension, and the renders are excellent.

big congrats to everyone who entered tho, its a great batch of models

Big Ron

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I like the VW Transporter very much, especially the renderings in the WIP thread. But my vote goes to qretz and the Snowfrog. The design is fantastic and in my opinion, he did better final renderings with cool panorama views, which shows the size of the vehicle at its best.

But concrats to all finishers, you did your job very well.
Snow : 2009 winter's contest

Really very nice work done by all of them, time, effort and lots of creativity and technique, really tough to choose, quite a few of them are very close in all the categories but my volte goes to qretz, it was his for the taken a while ago, nicely done.
i as well vote for qretz he has to me done a fantastic job modeling and rendering. great work man, as well as the rest everyone has done a superb job! :)
I was quite torn on this one between the Alpine Snowfrog and the VW Van. Both amazing but in the end I went with qretz - Alpine Snowfrog for such an unique design. Well done to everyone though.
I think that everyone who made it did an excellent job. I voted for chris20 - Toon Top Gear Hilux, I just like the fun of the vehicle, it fits the snow concept. It was a very tough decision between the alpine snowfrog, vw transporter and the Penguin XR1. All of those had amazing attention to detail. Great Work and Good Luck to All!!


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voted for chris20's Top Gear Hilux,
All of the entries are excellent, but this one has had me wanting more since day one... I was worried that the "toon" style wouldn't work, but Chris20 has pulled it off really well

You should email it to the top gear office, you never know ;)
Voted for Toon Hilux , for the idea and 2nd render :p
I wanted to vote for the Vw but the missing interior details made me change my mind
also the frog was a good entry but heh

btw Congratz to all finishers , and those near to that :p


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well this is really tough one ... I really like the VW but what can I say for all the interior details and some nice animation of it .. my vote goes to qretz - Alpine Snowfrog

Congratz to every one who entered..and may the best Win ;)
My votes got to go to the VW Transporter van. Although there was a missing interior, he did make an engine, shame you couldn't see it. Also, very creditable mention to qretz, just not sure about the panoramic views. they didnt look quite right to me. Finally, i would have loved to see the escort finished. the modelling was excellent and i loved the snow effects in his render. shame.
all the works looks good to me.

the choice fell very hard to me between gretz´s "snow-Frog" and Juki´s "T3".

these 2 works are my favorites.

i voted for Juki´s "T3".

I like that car very much, awesome work and renders looks real to me.

Like that render with the Trax, but like the motion-blur one more.

Really good work Juki.

Good luck to all guys.
I loved a lot of these entries, but I went with the XR1, just because it is a great balance between real world practicality, modeling skill, and really, it's a Reventon SUV. :D The Snowfrog was in a close second for me, however.
Hard choise^^
you all have done great jobs
i've finaly voted for arthur dents sledge, cause he hadn't get any vote for his great work. Something you'll never see again^^


i really liked every model here ,but i liked the VW Transporter so much , so i voted for it :) .

and good luck to the others.