Snow, a winter contest : the poll !

Which is your favorite entry ?

  • OldDog - Concept Hot Rod

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  • stefan de wit - fantasy car

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My vote goes for the - Penguin XR1 - by EquiNOX-1 cause I like the looks of it,and it looks great in the render,plus I like the Nissan,Lambo design combination in matte paint.


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Tough to vote on this one. Lots of great lookin models. The VW has a ton of detail, looks great! I love Top Gear, so I relaly liked following the Hilux build. EquiNOX gets my vote though. Very realistic looking model, great recon type alpine vehicle. Simple design, yet very modern. Great job everyone!
My vote goes to Juki_fi and his great VW. I like the details, and renders on this one. Nonetheless, good job everyone, all the entries deserve attention, as they all are unique.