Snow : Alpine SnowFrog


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Looks pretty neat, but some stuff id like to point out. How about the passenger's legs, are they just going to hang in the air or is the ladder going to just close up on them, looks like there's no room for them. The shaders could use some tweaking and, even though the general concept and all looks nice, it looks very round, and to my eye could have some sharper details.
@ AstrOs:

That was the meaning of "I have to modificate the closing stairway to turn it on a floor". I want to do something like this thing as you can see in the capture. By the way, this is the charge zone. The passengers are in the interior (6 seats and the driver, but if you need you have 6 more...)

"The shaders could use some tweaking "
What do you think i should do man?, It can be useful for me...


Update of the interior. Better rear seats and details. I want to modificate the texture of the panel within and the interior light... :think:


Update of textures and lighting. Some mistakes in the inner texture. The interior light was too yellow colour, like old and dirty. Now in more like neon.
New seats textures. I have to change the markers located behind the seats of the cab and to make some with the driver controls...