Snow : Alpine SnowFrog

Thanks dude, i know about it but it´s no easy to design from zero all this machine with logic controls. Moreover, it´s not definitive i supose...


Wow i love the cab :p Aeroplane kinda style with all those levers and stuff :) I can almost figure out whats for what and **** :) Great job!


Hah :p Id love to but i spotted something, not sure if its supposed to be like that but the steering wheel seems to be upside down :p
I don't remeber If i've posted here before, but anyway, amazing job man. Great details and design. It's the best freaking skibus I've ever seen. :D
This is the final model updated and minor changes and additions of elements.
I have to change the colors for the final model in red.

I´m doing a 3d scene with real photo editing and a complete 3d scene with the machine in motion. I don´t know if i´ll be in time ...

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