Snow: Austin Healey 3000 MK II

Hi all

I started this project a couple of days before this project began. The Healey is one of those projects I have wanted to do for quite some time. I've spent a great deal of time researching images for this piece. Instead of putting this piece aside for this competition I've decided to make the model fit the competition. I intend to model the piece in detail and will probably not complete the car in time but the unfinished car will be part of my final scene. The body is at this point close to completion and was done first in order to block in the frame.

Please dont be shy with any crits you may have.



Thanks for your replies guys. I have put over twenty hours into the frame so far. I have much of the chassis structure blocked out. As I become confident in each piece's placement, I'll detail it out and move on. There's alot of trial and error but I'm hammering through it.

The final scene for this entry will be something mundane and boring so I think I'll keep that to myself for a while.



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Great stuff man, gonna do as thoroughly my Escort as well when i get a hold of some time to model :/ Keep on going, gonna be a tough one again :D


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O,O Omg I can't watch this ... its to good to be through :D

any how... don't stop I want to see this, i think lots of people want to see this :D
Keep it up :thumbsup:
Hi all. Thanks for everyones comments.

I'm having some doubts about entering this piece in this contest. My intended final scene was to show the Austin pulled out front of the garage for its initial engine test. There will, of course, be snow on the ground. Fairly lame and mundane. I'm sure I can pull it off nicely. However to me it somehow doesn't fit in with the spirit of this contest. I would really like to hear some opinions on this. In the mean time...

I've put in a huge amount of time on this model. The Austin has returned from paint and the suspension system has been installed. The long block inline 6 is very nearly finished. I've spent alot of time making everything fit together properly.

14Jeffery. I found a restoration site for austins a few months ago. I started my reference gallery with all of their images. Since then I have gathered close to 600 reference images. My blueprints are closely based on one from this site.