Snow: Austin Healey 3000 MK II

Mate im always blown away by your work so no exceptions here. If anything the work shown in the chassis has taken it to a new level. Engine looks awesome too. For some reason I've found its one of the hardest things to model.

As for entering it in the contest. I know what you mean when everyone else has tracks and stuff but as long as you put some effort into your snow scene I see no reason why you wouldnt. In fact I would be disapointed if you didnt.:(

How bought a snowy stage on the Monte Carlo rally or something.
Metabadger. All I can say is this level of attention to detail and accuracy is very inspirational. Cant wait to see what you do with your scene.
Your model is incredible. I think you could make your scene putting snow on the surface of your car with either a shader or modeled directly above. I think this type of scene is not going to try anyone...
HI guys. Just a couple of quick replies.

Dave; Thanks. The renders are, as stated, quick and dirty. The Lemans Garage is one of my standard backgrounds. I just imported the garage and snapped off the renders.

Chris; Thanks. Your input is always appreciated. See below

Qretz; Hi and thanks. This scene was rendered just to make the posting more interesting and to get some idea of how the materials will appear with image based lighting. I decided some time ago to take Chris's suggestion and toss the car into the rally world. Deep in a corner on a treed road with the white stuff everywhere. 95% of the detail will not be seen. Right now I'm working on the shoes and panels for the rally version.