Snow : Final entries

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Snow is now melting, so it's time to post final renders for your entry ! Remember the rules : completed models (are) to be rendered into two main shots showing off the design at it's best angles.

So please, post your 2 or more renders below, minimum 1280 pixels width, before the 31th of January, 23h59 GMT. One post for all your renders, no matters you post 2 or 10 pictures.

Keep this thread for final entries only, not to comment the work shown here.

Gentlemen, start your rendering engines !
Oh, damn. I know I'm a bit too late. It's not my fault. Max started acting up when I wanted to render in 1280 width and after a long battle, trying everything, I was forced to render 800 px with lower settings. Did not manage to do everything I planned (motion blur, volume light, etc.), nonetheless, I'm quite happy with it as it's my first finished project. Dear Admins, please have mercy, for I beg of you. :(


Not open for further replies.