Snow : Ford Escort Mk1


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why BFG logo is on white BG? Good Luck!
Cause it is like that IRL

Man, you gotta change that rim. There is a ref.pic of an Escort MkI RS-rim in this forum, which I took when I had them under my Sierra. :D

Cant wait too see the rest!


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Thanks guys =) Ill try my best

@ TomiL: Yeah, perhaps, but back in the 80's when my dad drove the mk1 they had steel rims, and im sort of making a tribute to him, so it'll stay atleast for now. Making the RS rim aint exactly the biggest project, anyway ^^


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Found out this week that the front end's proportions were way off, and then i redid the whole front, but it now is about as inaccurate as before. Sigh.


You seem to be struggling with this project. Everything you have so far looks great to me. I'm liking the textures as well. This late in the game you may wish to think about concentrating on the details that will be seen in your final scene. With some of the great entries, I'm thinking this comp is going to come down to presentation more than detail and accuracy. Keep hammering away.