Snow : Ford Escort Mk1


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Thanks guys & thanks TomiL for the pics, didnt actually have them (got 2200 other pics tho.. :D). Anyway, I started the whole damn thing from scratch all together with different blueprints.

@ Metabadger, yeah I need to do that, I'm just so picky, because i wanted to do this spot on in every area. Gotta lower the standards for the non-visible details for this comp and focus on the exterior & general scene.


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Its looking great,keep up the good work,would like to see this project finished.I noticed one thing,and it is very trivial,don't know if its been mentioned all ready but the Goodrich tyre label is back to front on the rear tyre.

Hang in there,all good things come to those who wait.

Regards malks ;)


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That would be because I used symmetry modifiers to mirror the front wheel. Doing the spline cage atm according to other prints..