Snow: Lancia Stratos

image dont work man. put some pics up i wanna see how far behind i am! iv already modelled the front end 3 times, and im in the process of starting again cos i just can't quite get it!!!
YEEES. Would love to see this Hoffrock.:) A piece of classic italian history.

Looks like a good start. Cant comment too much at this early stage. Mate good luck with it.

Ok I have the basic body shape together, going to start detailing now (spoilers grills and such likes), the wheels aren't final, just stuck them on for now until i get round to finishing them up. Any Crit would be great, this is only my second car/model so i could do with a bit of direction. =) Cheers guys



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It looks like you need to flatten the body lines out, that go between the wheel arches. If you looka t your reference picture, the body lines are quite parallel to the ground. Yours are in one continuous sweeping arch from the front bumper to the back. The front (in front of the wheel arch) is much steeper, and behind that it gets much flatter. Aside from that, can't comment much on the body at this time.