Snow :Peterbilt 389

Np updates tonight.Well because were im making that game i have a good bit of programs and files i dont need.And there are way to many for me to delete 1 by one.So im gonna get what i need and format the c drive.Ill be back tomorrow.
i wouldnt mount the snow plow on the cattle guard :( , instead better add sort of mounting plate in the front (directly connected to the chassis).
also have u thought of modeling a huge snow blower instead? i think that would fit better to your peterbilt trax ;)
Hmm no i dont like the snow blower idea but its a possiblility.And ive looked at other pictures and its mounted to the guard so thats were im gonna have it.I might add support to the frame.thanks for the suggestions.
Alright got an update.Ive got the gears going they need to be a adjusted and moved a little but there pretty much done.I also got the door and window started.I start a little rendering but my relefections are off so ill need to fix that.


tha back track needs to be lifted up off the griound slightly to match the front and the cabin door window needs to be made to be the same shape as the door. And maybe the tracks need a bit of work as they don't look quite right, but otherwise very impressive work! I can't believe how quickly you've modelled this! It's crazy! I'm still modelling my front end!!
if this is plowing on roads in the us the plow needs to be the other way, to throw the snow to the shoulder not into the oncoming lane of traffic. the plow details look good...
U should scale up your truck in relationship to the background or use another background. The concret pavings are 20x20 cm, so your truck is just 2 to 3 m long :D
I know this is a concept but the proportions of the truck seems way off. The a-pillar seems enormous and the top seems too rounded...also the gears to turn the tracks are way too small and they are too deep into the tracks..also the tracks need to be able to travel up and down and yours seem to bottom out after about 6 inches of travel...and there doesnt seem to be much detail on the tracks themselves...altho I'm sure you'll add that in later.

I do like the front plow and lights tho, keep it up!