Snow : Santa's Car Sleigh

Well I have decided to enter the contest using my 6 year old son's idea he drew up for me. It is Santa's Car Sleigh. Rocket powered and ready to deliver the goods.

I will try to create it as faithful to the drawing as possible


REDIRECTION - different vehicle idea.... sorry

Well - my son and I both kinda lost interest in the Santa car sleigh after xmas .... so I am changing over to a "what if " I thought of yesterday.....

This is the what if.... Auto Union from Germany in the 1930's decided to create the record breaking car for ice/snow racing. Basically it is a Auto Union type C with 4 wheel drive and body mods

Hope to keep it 1930's looking

Will submit some progress soon.....
ARGHHHH ! Santa's Back!

My son now wants "us" to finish Santa's sleigh for the contest... so I am back to that... LOL

Post progress soon