Snow : Scimitor

I have lost my model started a new one its gonna be a scimitor without the turret and a slitely different engine should be good post pics of what i have done so far tomorrow.


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ahh too bad you lost you model ... but the new one look's good too ;)
hope you finish it :) keep it up, don't give up
w8ing for more updates :thumbsup:
My Crappy pc wont render my model no more it aint got enough RAM im gettin paid on the 15th so ill be ordering some ram its only got 256 bless it lol my graphics card is pitiful too im pissed santa didnt bring me a new comp lol.

Does anyone no a good way of making the spooled up wire on the winch drum im gonna try using the create coil i just dont no how im gonna texture the wire i got a few braded hose maps they might do the job any ideas anyone?


Don´t worry about render. If you need somebody can do it (Myself, for example). I will not use NEVER your model. It´s up to you.

By the way, your model is amazing. More with this pc.
Thanks dude for the offer im gonna order my ram on the 21st next day del should render fine then im gettin a gig that should cover it. I never had that problem untill i got 3ds max 2010 its unstable on my sys but cnt go back to 2008 it wont work.

A lil off subject but should this render okay

Pentium 4 1.9 ghz
PC133 512mb sdram x2
Geforce 6200 256 mb

im currently runnin
Above prossesor
256 ram
geforce 2 mx400 64mb

its a temporary mesure when i buy what im savin 4 ill be able to render hi quality animations no prob its a shed load of cash tho.
Winch look very nice mate. Cable looks great. :) Something weird going on with some of the other textures though. They look slightly transparent?
Yeah lol the body texture was a bit iffy and i didnt have my lights on when i did it which didnt help lol i drew my front lights ans started on the drivers controls its nearly finished now im impressed with how its turning out.

Ill post a render of the updated textures later i thought i did a render but i cant find it anywhere lol. imgonna see if i can get it all finished today apart from the engine and gearbox there going to take a while im a stickler for detail.