Snow: snowbike

Hi, everyone. I will try to do a lightwieht, one-wheeled vehicle, which can provide some of the motorbike experience, like leaning sideways. The front part is the cockpit, middle part is the wheel, back part is the propulsion. For the moment the biggest issue is how to connect them all, but I think I will just split the wheel in the middle. Also, don't know if it is going to be a racing vehicle or a bus. Any ideas are welcome. But maybe bus is better? Hope you like it. snowproj.jpg
A little bit more detail

About how it doesn't fall: I was thinking it will work like this thing from Honda (Honda Worldwide | September 24, 2009 "Honda Develops New Personal Mobility Device With the Goal of Co-existing in Harmony with People -- World's first drive system that enables movement in all directions --") or the Segway. The driver will be in the cockpit in front (I was thinking of putting him inside the wheel, but then he needs external cameras to see what is going on outside), in the wheel itself I will put the batteries or fuel tank and some of the engine parts. It will be propelled by the two engines on the back.
The other idea: bus. Basically same thing but there will be space for passengers inside the wheel.
And last thing: futuristic or more steam-punk like?


Some progress

SOrry, had some health issues. Restarting the work today. I hope I will have enough time to finish.
Changed the idea a bit, more conventional design.