Snow: Subaru Impreza 1999

Im really interested in this comp and am new to the site so i think im going to join in and get me a project on the go for the festive no work over xmas anyway which is goood!

One question, what software are we allowed to use? Any 3D modelling software? Because I've got Autodesk Alias... I know you're allowed Maya, but Im not too sure the difference to be honest.

Anyway if i can do it i want to do something like this, maybe mid air or maybe full on power sliding around in the ice...not sure yet.


ok, im going to try and get something worth showing you guys by the end of the day, but this car and the program isn't liking me so we'll see what iu can get outta it...wish me luck.
a little progress. I'm struggling with this car and am therefore modelling at a much slowerr rate than usual, so this is all i got to show for it so far...:sneer:


another update. got the bonnet to a point that i'm just about happy with... modelled it rediculous amount of times. crit is welcomed. anything to help me improve!

EDIT: wasnt actually happy and modelled it completely again!


almost finished 'face'. Headlights are the 1st I've trierd to do and are rubbish i know, but i will work on them later, i wan't to get more of the body done for now. a few things are needed. bonnet scoops, fog light covers, a bit of rounding. Most of which I've done before but the bloody program shut down on me! FUN. Never mind.

Crit as always is welcomed.

ps ive got a feeling iv done the usual schoolboy error stuff like lights on etc. so i am sorry! ha:D



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heh ...well man I don't know i have to tell you that this part of model here .. doesn't remind me of Subaru has too many straight lines and it shouldn't...

take your time jump on google image search and take as many reference pictures as you can...and work on that accuracy ;)

Keep it up...
thanks man. i know what you mean now looking back at it. i have rounded but need to increase the size of the rounds dramatically all over... im on the body and back atm so will post up some pictures of that in the week. and will make the updates you suggested. thanks as always for the feedback!
right. sorry to disappoint guys if you were actually watching my progress. i feel i might have set the bar a little too high on this, so iv decided to change what i am doing to something of a more fantasy kind due to the fact that i think i need something that doesn't have to be 100% perfect to look right.

Is it best to start a new thread or change this one?