Snow : Top Gear Polar Hilux - Toon Style

Well somebody has got to make a start. This could turn out really crap cause I dont really have the time but im going to try to make a cartoon style version of the awesome Top Gear Polar Challenge Hilux.


After a lot of trial and error and sketching. And investing a solid 6 to 7 minutes I've got my side "blueprint" sorted.

No nit picking and pointing out inaccuracies please.:)


hehe nice, personally I'd make the wheelarch higher for a more toon look. Maybe raise the hood up a bit, looks like a smart car :p

eek, tempted to join but I have so much school work and along side with my current project


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in my ME dynamics class we learned that rolling friction on tires like that is huge. can you say 1 mpg? lol, Good choice for the contest!
thats an awesome idea, and actually crossed my mind, if i wasn't already struggling with the SLS, good luck on this, im psyched to see your progress!


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Definately wanna keep an eye on this. Emphasize the big features that separates this truck from the regular Hilux, like the wheel arches, the big tires, spotlights, hood scoop, etc. I think you could really take this quite far!

Love the side projection though, that's definately 1st place material!!! :D
Thanks for the comments guys. This is just very rough, just so I can get an idea of proportions. Its still very.. um..fluid so things could change.



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Looking awesome!! I say make the scoop bigger, and it's integrated into the hood, not a separate piece. Maybe exaggerate the cab a bit too??
Thanks a lot guys. Made a bit more progress but nothing what a lot of guys have already got going.

Falango, made the cab slightly bigger. I originally had it much bigger but wasnt happy with it. And agree about the scoop being intergrated.



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That's looking good!!! I really like the proportions you have going there! The only thing that's bugging me a bit is the front end that's sloped down. It's like it's drooping over. It works with what you have though, just seems a bit weird.

there are too many chris's, the truck is coming out nicely man. more more!
That's true, I'm Chris too, haha!
Thanks guys. Heres a little update. Never enough time.:(

qretz. Im thinking the render will be very toon like. Ive never really done too much toon stuff so might be interesting.

Falango. Yeah i looked at that and made it curve a little more. But I dont think i will change it too much from where it is.

chris912. Your right this chris thing is getting out of hand:)


Nice man! To make it more toon like you might want to:

Lower the front

Raise the rear

Massive exhaust

Larger rear tires/wheels

Make the headlights look like angry eyes

Get some negative camber on all wheels.

Thas all I can think of at the moment, I really want this too be cool!