Snow : Top Gear Polar Hilux - Toon Style


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Lookin good, I like it!!

Can't really say I'd go with that stuff dave. That seems to be a certain toon style for tuner cars and that sort of stuff. I like the direction he's going with this myself!
Thanks guys.:)

Your spot on Metabadger. Thanks mate. I ended up redoing the tyres to be more in line with the real thing, but got them around the right way this time.

A bit more done with some more bits and pieces. And a few more shaders added.


Bit more work on the rear. And a few extra bits and pieces. Also a bit of an update with the characters. Im sort of happy with Clarkson but May needs some more work. I dont think hes hair is right.


good one...hey is that Jeremy Clarckson???hahahahaha....poor thing...He actualy looks better here than in real life...However nice ideea for a car.keep it up.
Thanks guys. I was a little worried about the characters.

Metabadger: Havnt done heaps and what I have done has been very simple. Nothing like these where im trying to make them look like someone.

Bit more work done with texturing and normal maps. Still need to work on plenty of stuff.:(


Thanks a lot for the kind words guys. I was very unsure about these guys but im happy you like them.

A couple more renders playing with snow and stuff. I think its time to write a list now and just fix everything thats a bit wrong with it before I go much further.

Also thanks to orion-heizer for posting the snow displacement tut. Very helpful with the tyre tracks. Cheers mate.:)