Snow : tracked truck

im gonna attempt to do a tracked truck havent really got any concept pic just gonna run with the idea i have in my head if thats ok ill post wips as i make some progress


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caribcanuk is a good artist, and he wouldnt intentionally copy.. there can be more than one tracked truck in the world.. right? ;)

he does some really good truck work so cant wait to see what comes out here :)
dont worry what i have in mind is a completely different idea than yours. i work on,drive and safety inspect big rigs so im extremely familar with them.ill post a wip in a day or two
well here's a small wip only had a couple of hrs to work on it today. lots of details to add to the suspension and driveline. decided to make a cab of my own design that will work with the articulating chassis. haven't decided if im gonna add a trailer yet

here's a small update did some more suspension work and started on the articulating joint. its gonna allow the front tracks and rear tracks to twist independantly to a small degree. still needs the cylinders for turning and some small details

Suspension looks a little bit small to me, I would expect this to be on bags or massive coils and shocks.

Other than that this project rocks man!
the suspension is actually on torsion bars just like in real life. they carry most os the weight load. the shocks basically just limit the movement. this vehicle will be powered by hydraulics so its not gonna be a speed demon but have massive torque and great traction and very low pound per square inch footprint to easily travel across northern canada
Looking awesome so far! I really like the wide tracks, I noticed tcsgraphics has stopped begging you not to copy him...he must be worried...

got my vote atm


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Gotta say, that after those awesome tracks, the cab is a slight let down design-wise, it looks a bit too boxy or then its lacking some details atm. Or in other words, the difference in the level of detail is too big between the tracks and the cab, although textures would help the cab a great deal. Looks pretty damn neat anyway mate :D
i agree its boxy but thats how most are in real life they aren't designed for looks or aerodynamics as they made for easy of construction lots of flat surfaces and simple lines. i'm gonna try to add more details and see how it looks its still missing alot of the finishing touches this is just first draft so to speak.