Snow: VW Transporter T3

Very nice contest you have here and many great entries already. I started mine today, a Volkswagen Transporter T3. I am using the single cab pick up version of it as the base for my winter vehicle. I'm not sure how it will move yet, but it won't be tires.


make it with 2 frontal wheels and semi tracks on the back like those german war things lol

The model is looking nice also the car you've picked is nice too :D
Plain awesome!

8) I just love this piece! Finally the most overlooked rear engine Volkswagen gets some well-earned attention, and some thinking outside the box too! ...Okay, maybe i´m partial here, having spent many working hours behind the steering wheel of those T3´s (beats the "Bay Window" T2 in all ways), believing nothing on wheels could be more entertaining on winter roads... especially the un-plowed, trust me on that one... :D

But i digress. This far the build looks very good and nicely detailed (Now, what´s that engine? The original aircooler never looked that hot ;)), looking forward to seeing the final result.

Hmmm... somebody ought to do that track conversion on the real thing, think i just got an itch. ;)
Nice model you've got there. I everything's gonna be as detailed as the engine, then it's gonna be a tough competition. I like your modelling, keep it up.
Here is couple renders of todays progress. I made jerrycans, roof tent, more lights and worked on the cab a little bit. Didn't really do much to the engine, just wanted to see it with some colors :)

I'm not sure about the trailer, it probably wouldn't work with the tracks, maybe have to change them to skis, if I even keep the trailer on it...


Very good modelling. Looks very cool. But in my opinion, it is very uncreative just to put tracks on a common car. Some modeler used this solution. I think, you have more fun in snow with wheels, but it should be the correct one.

I don´t want to make your project look bad, it is awesome. But it is the easiest way ;)
looks like you are moving with your entire house and family to the north pole

but you are right the trailer looks strange on tracks , it would look smother on skies and the the wheel arches removed
btw if you will still have the engine cover opened in the back ? or the engine won't be seen ?

Keep it up ;)
Thanks again for your comments. This may be the easiest project yet I think I'll keep making it, this still has something to do with snow. Here is a little update, I gave it a lift and started on the chassis/suspension.


This is a really nice project, I love the convincing style and attention to detail.

Can I just add some crits, I think maybe it is too high now. Also you are clearly good at modelling, why don't you model the lights rather than use bitmaps, same goes for the tracks, modell the tread, you know you want to :)

Oh and one thing that will really add to it is a 4x4 drive system so you can see the prop shaft and everything. That will be cool!
Mate, I think this thing looks great. Looks ultra clean to me. And the tracks and there roller system are really well done. They are modeled arnt they??

I say make it how ever you want it to be. One thing about this contest, its open to everyones different interpretation.
I didn't mean to tread on anyone's toes, I do love the model a lot. I was just adding what some thoughts. They are not mandatory.