Snow: VW Transporter T3

davecox made good points, the lights would be better modelled, especially the rear lights and maybe I'll model them later. I will also model some tires for it and maybe make the tracks treads at the same time too.
Worked on the chassis yesterday and here is an updated render. Detailed the 4x4 system a little bit and made disc brakes, still have to make better discs, a transfer box for the drive shafts and hoses and what not.
The car came up a little higher than I first planned but during ref pic research I started liking these "mini monsters" :)


I know I said in the beginning that this wouldn't be on tires but here it is on chained big wheels :) Maybe these go in the back when mattracks are on or something.


That is, what I call a snowmobile. This version looks very cool. Better than with tracks.

How did you make the chains and how did you managed to fit them with the tires?


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:D awesome :) tnx for the info on chain creation :thumbsup:

your model is really great, very good ;) and creative...
Keep it up , don't stop :thumbsup:
Jukka. The tracks looked interesting but the tires belong on this beast. Much better. I think I'd get rid of the camper and toss a spare tire or two on the rack. One of my faves. Keep at 'er.



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Now that is really good :D to bad i didn't had a chance to take some pictures :(
what can I say renders are great love the idea of spare wheels on the roof xD
your imagination really impresses me :D
Keep it up !!

EDIT: deamn i wanted to be the first to post after the update :p


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I really like to know how you merge your model into the pic! Can you tell us. A screenshot from the viewport or something.... :)