So many sub-sections...

... I get lost.

I can't even find posts I've read so far when I visit the site again without going through each sub-forum or doing a search etc.

Do we REALLY need so many forums for everything?

I'd say it's bad practice to have sections with last updated posts a year ago. Does having it categorised so finely make it somehow easier to use these forums?

Surely if people just had wip/finished and then put a note in the thread title. Ie, high poly, game, animation etc.

Then just have threads which are 'pro' (liked by a lot of people?) have a nice yellow star next to the thread name or something so people know it's a top-quality one to look at.

I've been in and out of SMCars for years and it always seems quiet, probably because all the posts are spread out so thinly over so many sub-sections it appears that way. Do people end up missing out on great work, or comments/advice because no foot fall gets into 'their' section etc?

Yes this is a criticism because there is great content on here but it feels like a ghost town.


Oscar J

Well-Known Member
Very true, I usually go straight for the "active posts" page instead of browsing the forums, since it's so time consuming to check every section for new posts. In fact, I don't understand why the forums still act as the home page.