Some models I've done in Sketchup

Well, I've spent the last ... I guess about 7 or 8 months now ... playing around with Sketchup. I've modeled several cars and trucks. I've tried hard to keep these things low on the triangle count (just because that's good enough for me) and yet make the vehicle look like it is supposed to.

Here's what I've done so far:
(link to sketchup 3D warehouse)
1956 Packard Executive by chad3006 - Google 3D Warehouse

The first I did was the Dodge CT900 truck
then the '56 Packard
then the 1933 Buick coupe
then I completely re-did the '48 Nash wrecker that I had done earlier
I then did the '57 Mercury
then the '37 Terraplane
and finally the GMC truck

I've finished a '50 era Diamond T coe, but haven't posted it.