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Hi all,

I know it isn' t that easy to keep a forum SPAM- free ( especially when it has so many visitors as this one... ) , but I am an admin at 2 smaller fora, where we keep spammers out by moderating the first post of new members. If that is ok, the poster is accepted.
Don' t know if that is possible here , but it keeps the forum clean for sure...

Great work. How come the "too much spam" thread is gone? I still cant upload pictures, and I tried Internet Explorer but that one could'nt access smcars at all...

Edit: file upload works in Opera.
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what i did to get rid of spammers on my own forum was ask a simple question upon registration ...for example how many wheels does a car have?
I would suggest "Is the engine connected to the wheels when the shifter is in neutral position?" that should keep the spambots away.