Speed modeling a high poly shoe with 3ds Max


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Very nice.... video's too fast to catch all techniques you use. I'm curious what modeling technique do you use when add poly by poly on surface.
Thanks EquiNOX and about that technique. It is actually pretty easy one, look at the pic. PolyDraw tab in Freeform is found only when you are selected object with editable poly mod. There isn't much that I can explain, but workflow goes like this:

1. Create a base object, with turbo smooth or mesh smooth, that doesn't really mater, only thing that matters now is to make clean mesh, because you are going to model on top of it.

2. Create new object(I created a box) convert it to editable poly and select vertices(If you don't then all selected vertices won't be visible). Then go to Freeform-PolyDraw and configure "Draw On" witch is in bottom left corner of PolyDraw table.

3. Final part is to remember all the hotkeys and start painting vertices on top of selected model.

Here is BMW on witch I used the same technique. By the way I don't recommend making a car like this, because it is a very slow way to go. But I do recommend making interior with this technique. Best regards.



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Brilliant work! And got to try that technique too, interiors usually are a little headache for me. :D

Geras darbas you are doing there! :)